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Pipes & Drums, Oh My!

Historically, the bagpipes are thought to be first traced back to pre-medieval times, possibly as far back as 1,300 BC.  There are clues to their existence at these times both in texts and pictures. The pipes stand in famed company in history with many believing that Nero of the Roman Empire was a fan and player of the pipes.  More solid evidence of their existence appears more frequently after 1000 AD. Appearing in the UK in Pictures and texts such as The Canterbury Tales of 1380.

Piob means “a pipe” in Scottish and pìob mhór means “a bagpipe” in Scottish, pronouced “peep vore.”

Most of us won’t make it past the traditional Gaelic pronunciations of the Great Highland Bagpipes For those who choose to pick up the Pipes and enter the uniquely complex and challenging world of becoming a “Piobaire”, that is just a tiny crack at the door of the journey to mastery.  Want to learn to play?  Find out more at

Pipeband Registration Form

THE FIRST FIVE BANDS will receive $800.00 for both days of participation. Payment is contingent on participation in both days designated performance times as well as in both opening and closing ceremonies. All checks will be delivered at the end of the closing ceremonies on Sunday afternoon. Submission of this online registration form does not guarantee your space at the festival. You will receive a confirmation e-mail if your registration is accepted. A full pipe band is required to perform – must have a minimum of 6 bagpipers, 1 bass drum and 2 side drummers. Thank you.  There will be a friendly, non-sanctioned competition for the mass pipe bands.  

Thank you for your interest in being a part of our festival. We currently have all the Pipe and Drum bands twe have budgeted for. If you would like to perform on a complimentary basis, please contact Renee at 520-360-9112.


Slainte Mhath!


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