Invited Food Vendors

Welcome to the Food Vendor registration page. 

Please complete the DATA section, below.  Once your application is approved, you will receive an email link to submit payment and documents (e.g. insurance, permits, etc.)



  1. Food Vendors must arrive and set-up not later than 5PM Friday. Due to tight Entry/Exit path specific arrival times may be required. 
  2. Vendors may not leave before Sunday at 5PM.
  3. Deadline: All fees and paperwork (including insurance) must be submitted by Sept 1, 2018.
  4. All vendors must have SPECIAL EVENT PERMIT (Business License/Vending) from City of Tucson.
  5. All Food Vendors must have Health Permit from Pima County. Scroll down to "Temporary Foods Services" on this page :  HEALTH PERMIT
  6. All Food Vendors shall comply with these Tucson Fire Department regulations: TENT PERMITS and OPEN FLAMES
  7. Insurance Requirements:  Liability Insurance Certificate ($1,000,000) with Tucson Celtic Festival Association, PO Box 40665, Tucson, AZ 85717 named as “Additionally Insured” and Certificate Holder.  Click HERE for a PDF document to submit to your insurance agent/broker. 
  8. FRIDAY PUB NIGHT!  A casual fun evening of Music, Games, Whisky Tasting, & More! There is no additional Vendor entry fee for Friday night.  Food Vendors are encouraged to be open for business on Friday during Pub Night.  Pub Night is a Paid Entry Ticket Event for guests but we invite you to be our guest at no charge for Pub Night entry.