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Tucson Celtic Festival Association PO Box 40665 Tucson , Arizona 85717-0665 USA

Officers and Chairs

Festival President

Dale Pederson 520-349-4345

Festival Vice-President

Steve Mackie

Festival Secretary/Festival Manager

Erin Haugen, 520-909-7299

Festival Treasurer

Sarah Mackie 520-519-9011

Vendor Coordinators

Greg Landers (Member at Large) & Leia Ballard 520-955-2609

Entertainment Chair/Member At Large

Charles Gilbert 928-432-5067

Athletic Director

Doug Mostyn/Tucson Celtic Hammerheads

Urchins Corner Chair

Alf Penland

Clans & Societies Chair

Steve Mackie 520-440-8578

Highland Dance Competition

Trish Nuzzo

Director of Operations

Don Appleton

Pipebands Chair

Renee Brollini 520-360-9112

Volunteer Coordinator

Angela Leed (520-471-4083) & Ann Appleton