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The AnGry Brians

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The AnGry Brians define Celtic Rock at its best!! Their original songs and reinvented classics will burrow deep into your subconscious, leaving lasting impressions of their music and lyrics. With their own style of Celtic Fusion, these talented musicians command a level of energy unparalleled to those within the genre.

Playing all over the United States since 2006, The Angry Brians are:
Rich Cheney –guitar/mandolin/lead vocals
Chelsea Joy – bagpipes/whistles/vocals
Douglas Kirk – bass/vocals
Walter Baldwin – drums

With two albums already enjoyed by their fans, on January 1, 2015, the band released their latest CD, We Came to Fight. Recorded at the Track Shack in Sacramento, CA and produced by Jeff Tamelier (of Tower of Power fame), the band was privileged to have him play on several of the tracks.

The CD is garnering lots of attention and airplay on Celtic Radio stations across the Country and abroad. The title track, “We Came To Fight,” is picking up steam along with “21st Century Irishman” and “Highland Call”. The CD includes ten tracks of mostly self-penned, bagpipe led, celtic-punk’n’roll. 67 Music review stated, “The songs, production values and recording rival anything I’ve heard from them to date. There are no snoozer tracks here, it’s a sonic ride from start to finish. ‘We Came To Fight’ is a fun, rockin’ album and will likely remain in my player for quite some time – pipe wrench optional.” Celtic Radio gives The Angry Brians 5 Stars and comments, “With tracks such as ‘21st Century Irish Man’, the group almost reminds me of iconic rock legends such as The Who, albeit with a less stadium-y flare and the unmistakable Irish lead melodies. I particularly enjoy how the band can balance beautiful harmonies and great energy, finding a really equilibrate compromise between the two. Songs such as ‘Highland Call’ remind me of melodic HC heroes such as Alkaline Trio or Rise Against, with an extra dimension courtesy of the backbone of instruments from the folk tradition.”

The AnGry Brians®, with their signature pipe wrench in hand, are featured entertainers along the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas, for high-profile events such as St. Patrick’s Day, the UFC Fight Week and the National Finals Rodeo week. The bands list of notable performances keeps them front and center in the minds of show promoters/festival organizers and fans.

Hailing from Bakersfield, CA , the county of Kern(e), The Angry Brians seek only a moment of your time to reconsider how you interpret the world of music. So if you’re willing to be a bit open minded, hold on tight because before the day is through, you will all be AnGry Brians too.


Celtica Brass 2b

(c) David WardleInfectious vitality, unstoppable energy and fascinating virtuosity

The bright sound of the Great Highland Bagpipe raises above powerful guitar riffs, passionate violin runs add elegance to the pulsing drums, and all that becomes a unique, symphonic sound that invites people beyond any age limits to listen and to watch, to day dream and to dance. This new sound was the key for Celtica to establish itself in Europe, USA and Canada within a few years. Among the highlights was a prime time-performance at the world wide biggest metal-festival, the Wacken Open Air in Germany, and  at the  European Harley Davidson Bike Week, one of the biggest festivals for bikers in the whole world. After extended touring from South Spain up to Alaska, after performances and video shootings in New York and on Hawaii, after 3 albums and over 1,7 Millionen YouTube-Views,  Celtica is proud to present their 4th album and their new show:  Steamphonia.


The new album takes the listener across time to the Victorian age. A magic moment when aristocratic elegance meets daring visionary passion, the steam engine promises to become the modern gate to Utopia, and  here, as a scientist, you are also adventurer and romanticist. Celtica transforms this fantastic epoch into music distilled from Gothic, Steampunk, and Metal styles to break all the traditional limits of the Great Highland Bagpipe, and creates a totally new musical context for this majestic instrument. This symphonic, powerful rock-sound is the main difference to the previous albums. Also it features exclusively original compositions. The guitars are tuned down, there are a lot of double bass-drum parts, and even classical choirs widen the sound extremely.

Also the live show is extremely convincing: The powerful original tunes convey the wild freedom of the Highlands beyond folkloristic stereotypes. Modern arrangements, rich in variety, are entertaining throughout and bring “Wow!”-effects again and again. Special choreographed sequences support the dramatic music. The new band outfit of high quality garments and the stage decoration inspire the fantasy: Victorian-utopic Steampunk, Gothic-Look and Celtic elements fusion with leather and chrome to an exciting, unique style. Mysterious torches on the bagpipes and burning drum sticks beating huge drums create a cultish atmosphere. At the finale flames shoot out of the instruments and fascinate all kind of audiences world wide.

Links: www.celticarocks.com





Out of Kilters





Cirque Roots Productions & Studio is a grassroots artist collective that was founded in 2011 with a vision to inspire the community to create and play through movement and dance. Based in an 1910’s adobe warehouse in downtown Tucson located near Dunbar 1909139_580292792045733_1180607434_o (2)Springs and Barrio Anita, we’ve created a space for the community to engage in circus inspired arts and to co- create in the community through conscious events and workshops. The Cirque Roots performance crew has been performing collectively over the past four years through fire dancing, partner acrobatics, aerial art, stilt dance and acrobatics, belly dancing, juggling and clowning to name just few things we love to do!